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Amazing Facets About Poker Games You Surely Never Knew


With the history of almost about 200 years, Poker is a game of various hidden secrets and revelations. Poker is one of the most famous games of nowadays all over the globe. It is basically a card game that has a long history. No one really knows from where this game has come and how to become so popular.

Klik disini
Klik disini

Poker is equally popular in brick & mortar casinos and in virtual online casinos. Due to various advancements of online casinos, nowadays you can also play poker at the comfort of your home. You can Klik disini (click here) for knowing more about poker games. To know some more unknown facts about poker games continue reading the article.

A game of poker once continued for 8 and a half years:

It may sound you absurd and something completely non-sense. But this is a fact and also consist of various proofs. Back in the year 1881, a poker game started at the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona. The game ran continuously for 8 and a half years and three days. That’s quite long! The players of the game used to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That makes it a longest-running poker in the entire history of gambling.

Doyle Brunson won the WSOP Main Event with 10-2 continuously for years:

WSOP i.e. stands for World Series of Poker was one of the most valuable and tough events in the history of Poker. Back two centuries, this event was very tough to won. That’s why winning two WSOP main events back to back two years is itself a big history. Doyle F. Brunson who is now called as a retired American Poker player who had played poker professionally for continuously 50 years. He won back to back WSOP main event twice in his career that makes him a known and famous person in the field of poker. He is also an author of various books written on poker games.

Former president of the United State was an excellent poker player:

Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th President of the United States of America from the year 1969 until 1974. He was known for his ruthless behaviour and strict decisions. But do you really know that he was also an excellent poker player? Yes, you get it right!  Despite grown-up in Quaker family, he chose to play poker because of its incredible money profits.

These are some of the unknown facets about poker games I bet you never knew. Poker is a two centuries old game that’s why, has a long history where many layers get revealed but still many of them are hidden.

Why Online Poker Rooms Are Better Than Conventional Casinos?


A few decades ago, people were liked to play poker through traditional ways only. That usually involved playing poker games at near brick and mortar casinos or around friend’s house or at any university doom. It is a fact that playing live format poker games is extremely fun and chilling. But playing poker online is far better than live format practice of these games.


Download 389Poker
Download 389Poker


Many people often get bewildered when it comes to choosing an option of playing online poker games. Because they consist of various doubts related to the credibility of them as well as give more preference to an offline way of playing poker games. But by going through the below-highlighted points that we are going to discuss here in this article, you definitely get convinced with the idea of playing poker games online rather than offline.


Online poker games can save your money

How long ago you have visited any traditional casino for playing poker games? If you had visited to brick and mortar casino for enjoying poker a few days back then you would have familiarity with the high stake prices of that place to play different gambling games. Also, you will be aware of the tipping system of the conventional casinos, if luckily you have won some jackpot game.

All these things are completely absent in case of playing poker games. There is no tipping system present and also you do not have to pay higher stake charges. You can play a number of poker games in an effective affordable manner. You can download 389poker to enjoy various different poker games under one roof.


The comfort of another level

Back in the days, People had to make visit casinos to play poker games by driving many kilometers which in short make them spend more money. While in the scenario of online poker games, there is no need of yours to go outside the home. You can enjoy various games by simply lying on the couch. That is incredible! No hassle of driving and all.

Earlier, traditional casinos were not available for the players around the clock. They would get open for only a few hours. That is not similar in case of online casinos.  You can even play in the mid of the night irrespective of anything.


Brilliant Customer service

Online casinos have got popularity and huge acceptance because of their incredible and high-speed customer support services. That was not available in case of offline casinos. You can contact online poker website customer service whenever face any issue while playing games or anything.


These are some top reasons that show us why online poker rooms are far better than offline or traditional casinos.