Amazing Facets About Poker Games You Surely Never Knew


With the history of almost about 200 years, Poker is a game of various hidden secrets and revelations. Poker is one of the most famous games of nowadays all over the globe. It is basically a card game that has a long history. No one really knows from where this game has come and how to become so popular.

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Poker is equally popular in brick & mortar casinos and in virtual online casinos. Due to various advancements of online casinos, nowadays you can also play poker at the comfort of your home. You can Klik disini (click here) for knowing more about poker games. To know some more unknown facts about poker games continue reading the article.

A game of poker once continued for 8 and a half years:

It may sound you absurd and something completely non-sense. But this is a fact and also consist of various proofs. Back in the year 1881, a poker game started at the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona. The game ran continuously for 8 and a half years and three days. That’s quite long! The players of the game used to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That makes it a longest-running poker in the entire history of gambling.

Doyle Brunson won the WSOP Main Event with 10-2 continuously for years:

WSOP i.e. stands for World Series of Poker was one of the most valuable and tough events in the history of Poker. Back two centuries, this event was very tough to won. That’s why winning two WSOP main events back to back two years is itself a big history. Doyle F. Brunson who is now called as a retired American Poker player who had played poker professionally for continuously 50 years. He won back to back WSOP main event twice in his career that makes him a known and famous person in the field of poker. He is also an author of various books written on poker games.

Former president of the United State was an excellent poker player:

Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th President of the United States of America from the year 1969 until 1974. He was known for his ruthless behaviour and strict decisions. But do you really know that he was also an excellent poker player? Yes, you get it right!  Despite grown-up in Quaker family, he chose to play poker because of its incredible money profits.

These are some of the unknown facets about poker games I bet you never knew. Poker is a two centuries old game that’s why, has a long history where many layers get revealed but still many of them are hidden.

Why Online Poker Rooms Are Better Than Conventional Casinos?


A few decades ago, people were liked to play poker through traditional ways only. That usually involved playing poker games at near brick and mortar casinos or around friend’s house or at any university doom. It is a fact that playing live format poker games is extremely fun and chilling. But playing poker online is far better than live format practice of these games.


Download 389Poker
Download 389Poker


Many people often get bewildered when it comes to choosing an option of playing online poker games. Because they consist of various doubts related to the credibility of them as well as give more preference to an offline way of playing poker games. But by going through the below-highlighted points that we are going to discuss here in this article, you definitely get convinced with the idea of playing poker games online rather than offline.


Online poker games can save your money

How long ago you have visited any traditional casino for playing poker games? If you had visited to brick and mortar casino for enjoying poker a few days back then you would have familiarity with the high stake prices of that place to play different gambling games. Also, you will be aware of the tipping system of the conventional casinos, if luckily you have won some jackpot game.

All these things are completely absent in case of playing poker games. There is no tipping system present and also you do not have to pay higher stake charges. You can play a number of poker games in an effective affordable manner. You can download 389poker to enjoy various different poker games under one roof.


The comfort of another level

Back in the days, People had to make visit casinos to play poker games by driving many kilometers which in short make them spend more money. While in the scenario of online poker games, there is no need of yours to go outside the home. You can enjoy various games by simply lying on the couch. That is incredible! No hassle of driving and all.

Earlier, traditional casinos were not available for the players around the clock. They would get open for only a few hours. That is not similar in case of online casinos.  You can even play in the mid of the night irrespective of anything.


Brilliant Customer service

Online casinos have got popularity and huge acceptance because of their incredible and high-speed customer support services. That was not available in case of offline casinos. You can contact online poker website customer service whenever face any issue while playing games or anything.


These are some top reasons that show us why online poker rooms are far better than offline or traditional casinos.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Poker Online Site


These days, a large number of online Poker games are available which makes choosing the best one conceivably is considered to be intense activity.

Because of the fake data present over these poker websites, it has turned into a noteworthy issue for us to pick a genuine poker online website among various others. If in case we think about dealing with a portion of the particular things, this method will end up being somehow more straightforward. So, let’s discuss a portion of the things which you have to consider before picking any poker amusement site.

Check out the rules and regulations:

There are several sites which are available over the web. So it is major to deal with this thing before picking up any site. You ought to likewise research about all the details related to the site significantly before making a record over it. But there are also chances where you may get into some inconvenience. So make sure you are watchful as well as alert.

Check the traffic which streams on a specific Poker site

Traffic on any particular website is flown with respect to the security provided by the site. It is fact that the sites which are very well known and genuine are considered to have more amount of traffic, that too with dynamic players, who usually wish to play a good number of diverse games that too on a daily basis. So, if in case you find any of the sites with a lower number of followers and players then make sure to leave it and search for other reliable ones.

Domino Qiu Qiu
Domino Qiu Qiu


While picking up the online poker websites try to pick the sites which have tons of different games. As for playing, just a single amusement consistently may make you feel exhausted. As, in future there may be a circumstance in which you won’t have the capacity to sign in to new destinations, consequently, it’s smarter to search for one explicit site that includes numerous games, like domino qiu qiu, poker, roulette, slots etc.


While choosing any particular site make sure to choose the site which you can accessible 24*7*365. As there are some of the sites which are only accessible till evening. So, check out all the services provided beforehand so that you can enjoy your games to the most.

Hence, these are some of the things which you need to consider before choosing an online poker site.

Some Common Myths About Lottery


There are many misconceptions among the lottery players. Most of the people don’t realize about such myths. Since there are people who never miss a chance to fool others and if you would not want to be a fool like them. Then you need to be aware of such myths. In this article, you would learn about some of those myths of the lottery gaming, while you should be ready for to bust such types of misconception:

Playing the same number

There is a misconception among the lotto players that by playing the lottery of a same number, there is a better chance of winning. However, that is not the real case. The lottery number for the jackpot price is selected randomly. There is not a method or a pattern for winning a lottery and even if someone would be able to win the jackpot by following such trick, then it can only because of coincidence only.

Lucky game to play LOTTO

There is nothing like a lucky game in the lottery. While your friend got a winning prize on a particular lotto game, it doesn’t mean that same thing would happen to you also. However, you should make sure to invest in a reliable Lotto gaming website (Webseite).

Winning a lottery is ineffective for tax

Online lottery

Most of the people think that a lottery winner has to pay a lot of tax amount. As they believe that low earner people have to pay more for winning lottery games which is not true at all. The government of every country have their own taxation policy, while a winner only has to pay viable charges for the taxation only.

It is impossible to win a lottery again

In the history of lotto games, there are many winners who have won the lottery again and again in their life. It only depends on the luck factor. If you are lucky enough to get the winning digits on your side, then you can also be the winner.

Play for small prizes to have better odds

People believe that they could have the better chances of winning in the lotto games with small jackpot prize. However, it is not the real case. Since the odds of the winning in the lottery games depends on the sections of the numbers in the game.

These are some common myths about the lottery gaming. While such myths can’t help you to win the lotto game, you should only invest on the lotto with the money which you are ready to lose. Since it is a game of fate in which odds can only take a turn with the favor of luck.

A Gamblers Guide to Mobile Gambling Games


In recent years, mobile technology has developed a lot. Earlier mobile phones were bulky, have limited networking in the populated area and internet browsing speed was terrible. But now, things are changing, as mobile technology is becoming smarter. Now gamblers can access gambling games on their smartphone devices. While it became more convenient for the gamblers to play online gambling using mobile application games. That is also the reason why the online gambling industry is also investing in mobile application gambling games. If you would like to get more information regarding mobile gambling, then you should go through the Norsk casino guide, or you can also read this whole article.


How mobile gambling has grown?

With the advancement in mobile technology, new gaming applications came up in the market. As mobile gaming applications became a good recreation for smartphone users. The amazing graphics of the virtual reality games also have their impact on mobile gaming. While online gambling industry also came with some betting games application where a player can play his/her bet on the mobile gambling games.


How to access gambling games on mobile?

A player just needs to have a mobile device like a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop device, using which the gambling games can be installed in the device. Using the internet connection, you can access online gambling games on your own device.


Mobile gambling compatible device

For playing online gambling games on your device, you need to have an internet connection. While you need a smartphone device to access smart gambling application on your device. After installing the application, you just need to sign in on the application and deposit some cash into the gambling wallet to enjoy gambling recreation.

Norsk casino guide


Security concerns of mobile gambling

As in the online gambling platform, mobile gaming application also uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology for the data transferring to the user end. This same technology is used by banking institutions and online casino sites. While it is better to check the license and other details of the application which you are installing in your device.


Technology of mobile gambling

Because of the latest software development mobile gaming have become more entertaining and realistic. As online casinos are also coming up with awesome gambling applications, which seems very entertaining and can be easily accessible on the smartphone devices.


These are the certain features of the mobile gambling applications. If you would also like to play gambling games using mobile applications then you should consider the above factors shown here.

3 Best Advantages of Online Casinos


Online casinos have become very popular since the time they have invented. Although the land-based casinos and the online casino both are different from each other in so many aspects. The ambiance, conversations and free drinks which you can have while visiting the land-based casinos are not possible with the online casinos. However, the benefits which you can get from the online casinos will compensate all those things which are missing out. If you are not convinced about playing online casino games then you can have a look on the list of advantages which are listed below.

Safe and secure

The reason why most of the people started playing online casino games is because of safety and security. If you are new to this then it may be a little difficult for you entrust your funds to a website but don’t worry most of the casino sites are reputed like 389poker. Although there are also certain sites which cannot be trusted but they are very less in number. Online casino games are fair and offer secure transactions which you might not get on the latter ones.

Easy and Convenient

People who are a quiet introvert and don’t like the environment of land-based casinos loves to play online. You don’t have to step out of our house to enjoy your favorite casino games. The only thing you need to have is a computer or a laptop and internet for accessing the games. You can play them anytime and anywhere according to your comfort. The sites are also very easy to use and it takes only a few minutes to register. Usually, most of the online casinos offer customer support, in case you need any kind of help. What else you want?



One of the best advantages of online casinos is that you can get a much wider range of games as compared to most of the land-based casinos. There is an abundance of options like slot games, table games etc. which you can always get with online casinos. In this way, you will also able to try different new games.

There are also so many casino websites that offer their users to play certain games for free. So you can practice those games before playing it for money.

Hence, these are some of the potential advantages which you can gain from playing online casinos. However, you should be clever enough while choosing the sites to get a good experience.

Lotto Winners: What To Do If You Win?

Lotto-Winners: What-To-Do-If-You-Win?

You may have never thought that you will be able to win a jackpot in the lottery. But what, if it happens in reality? Have you ever thought about it? Never, isn’t it? Many players do the same mistake while playing lotto. Since many of the players do not even consider the chance of their winning in the lotto games. In such a case, if they would be able to win a jackpot. It would be a total surprise for them. While it would be difficult for them to find the right way of investing such a big amount. That is the reason why many of the winners cannot be able to take much benefit from lottery prizes. However, there are also some people, those who are able to use every single penny of their winnings. If you would also want to be one of them, then first you need to win a jackpot amount. And after that, you can plan for your investment.

zur Seite
zur Seite
  • If you have won a prize through a paper lottery, then you should sign that lottery ticket. Even if you have won a small amount, others will try to snatch that from you. While it is better to have a proof, which proves that you are the only owner of that ticket.
  • In most of the lotto games, you can find the certain time limit for the results. These time limit can vary based on the different locations and the sponsors of the game as well. It would be better for you to check the result before the actual date of release. While you can also visit to the site (zur Seite) where you could be able to find out about the winning result of the lotto games.
  • If you have won a jackpot then be ready to pay the taxes. You can also take the advice from the professional financial advisers for your taxation and investment plans.
  • After getting the news of your winning, many charity organizations will come to your door for requesting donations. While you should try your best to keep it a secret. Aside from your legal adviser and your family, you shouldn’t share such news to anybody.

A simple advice for you at last, don’t show you happiness in front of others. Try to control your smile and act like nothing really happens with you.

3 Top Secrets Tips To Win Slot Games


Are you also looking for tactics to win the slot games? Then you’ve landed in the right place. This article will make you aware with some of the best-hidden tips to win the slot games. I know till now you have come across various advices on winning slot games. But only a few of them make a sense to you and else may bounce out of your head.

Here the key is to separate the wheat from the chaff. That means you have to understand the basic difference between the genuine advice and the fake ones. However, this article is completely poured with some extraordinary tips for winning the slot games. So just take a look!

Take advantage of no-deposit bonuses

It’s better for you to don’t live in any bubble. Slot games are not at all easy to win. There are various types of slot game available these days with best slots machines online. As we know the online gambling industry is very competitive in nature. They do business in every aspect. They try their best to get you inside the door. So they serve you with a no-deposit bonus. According to which you can play without spending a penny of money. It’s always better for you to take advantage of this bonus. It allows winning money without the risk of losing some. So go for it.

Keep an eye on rules and regulations

As we know online gambling has become popular all over the world. Different country sites are available these days online which offer you to play casino games on them. But must remember that different countries have distinct rules and laws of online gambling. That is why it might be possible that the rule of one country is forbidden according to the other. So before playing slot games on any site. Please go through their laws deeply. So that you cannot end-up losing miserably because of the wrong set of information.

best slots machines online

Go randomly, not progressively

There are basically two types of slot jackpots which exists that is progressive and random. Progressive jackpots pool money of players according to the number of people who play a particular slot. Progressive jackpots come in multi-slot forms, in the group of different machines working simultaneously to offer one big mega jackpot. While in case of random jackpots, money is usually fixed and as the name implies pop-up randomly.

These are some tips that are surely going to help you win more money in the different slot games. Be confident and calm while playing slot games. Never get too excited that end-up putting your money at severe risk.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Gamble Online


There are many gambling games which are quite popular around the world, but in some places, there are some special restrictions on them. For example, betting on animal fighting is not a legal practice in several places. But in some places, it is considered a legal activity. But because of the online services now it becomes possible for the bettors of most of the countries to play their bets on games like Rooster fighting and pigeon racing etc. There are many benefits of gambling online and some of them are shown here as well.

Cost factor

While in some countries gambling is legal under some circumstances, but you have to go for that particular place for playing betting games. It would be more costly to spend extra on traveling as well. While every bettor cannot be able to spend on traveling expense for playing gambling. They have the easy and cost-effective option of playing gambling using online way.

Convenience while betting

daftar mister4d

Instead of going to any land-based casino or a bookie, it is better to place your bet using online gambling site. As you can easily access online gambling games on your cell phone device also or you can also play betting games on the bigger screen of your PC.

Variety of gaming

In most of the gambling houses, you cannot be able to find betting games based on animal fighting, racing, and other games. But if you use an online gambling site like daftar mister4d, you can have access to a variety of gambling games like e-sports betting, horse race betting, sports betting and many other casino gambling games as well.

 Promotional offers

At the land-based casino, there is a rare chance that you might be able to find any bonus or promotional offer for playing gambling games. But using online gambling option, you can take advantages of such deals whenever you want. You just need to log in to a gambling site and fulfill their requirement to claim your bonus offer.

Can play low betting


In the casino, you cannot find the option of playing lower bet in a table. As you cannot be able to play below the amount of a certain level on a table. While in the case of online betting, you have the option of choosing your own bets, as you can play small bets also at an online gambling site.

Because of the above-shown reasons, it makes sense why most of the bettors would like to spend their investments on online gambling games. If you would also like to make money with gambling then online betting is a better option.

An Ultimate Guide To Earn Money By Playing Online Poker Games.


People these days seek for the various possible means of earning money thus online real money games especially the Poker games have become their priority. Many different paths bring gambling rookies to the virtual platform of Poker table whereas some come through the way of other card and online casino games like Blackjack, Roulette or Craps.

Those who continue the game have various objectives like competing their rivals, making fun and adventure during their leisure but one of the common reason is making a profit at Poker games in the form of cash rewards. In this article, the whole instruction has been given to become potential winner at online Poker games.

Determine Your Win Rate

The term ‘win rate’ often refers to the amount of money a player wins at Poker games over a specified time period given them for making efforts. Perhaps the term is also considered about how much the player loses. Basically, a player with positive win rate enjoys profit at Poker whereas a negative win rate can’t. You will need to follow the instructions mentioned over the respective site in order to calculate the winning rate.

agen poker online

Time Duration For Playing

A lot of serious players remain engaged for a long time over Poker games in order to increase their volume of profit and so as the win rate. If you are strictly a contesting player who only visit once in a week or for a specific time duration of two hours, definitely you are going to win less amount of money as compared to a player whose passion is to grab more money at the virtual casino. In order to make a selection for better sub-genre games, one can take the help of agen poker online over casino gaming site.

Look For Perfect Stakes

Possibly the most important question is whether you can make money or not. It’s all about analyzing deeply the stakes for which part you have been playing. There are a lot of sub-categorized games a player can find over Poker site, therefore, make sure to choose a reliable stake where there are more chances of constant winning. Different stakes attract diversely skilled players like you can find both the expert and less-experienced with lower stakes whereas higher stakes usually comprise of experienced players.


Poker games are one of the emerging and popular online real money games that helps a lot of skilled players for earning money other than their basic income provided the site must be legal and registered under government norms.